Affiche officielle GBB 2023 Gouel Broadel ar Brezhoneg Langonnet
Affiche officielle GBB 2023 Gouel Broadel ar Brezhoneg Langonnet

It’s THE one-and-only Breton Language Festival! This iconic event, which was revived in 2017 in Langoned (56-Morbihan) after a few years’ absence, is completely unmissable for anyone invloved with the Breton language. Each two year, it’s the meeting for all Brittophones – present and future – as well as Breton lovers, supporters, anyone curious and all your friends.

But it’s much more than a festival: it is also a place of activism.  It is an opportunity to remind everyone that the Breton language is rich with a multitude of colours and is a vector of constantly renewed creativity. Nevertheless, the Breton language is classified as being in serious danger of extinction by UNESCO…

Come and enjoy yourselves, meet interesting people and get creative with us during GBB 2023. For those who do not (yet) speak Breton, the festival is a unique opportunity to discover a world that may seem hidden, that of the Breton language. It is an immersive experience, open to all. It will be an amazing immersion and discovery for some who do not speak or know Breton. A lifesize trial situation to discover Breton language and culture with your friends from far away !

We are expecting thousands of festival-goers to delight in our exceptional program featuring the best artists of the moment. On 3 stages, large concerts, a fest-deiz and festoù-noz, An Taol-Lañs, circus, cinema, theater, conferences and debates, sport, a craftsmen’s village, the digital pole in the Breton language, the village of publishers in the Breton language and cultural associations, children’s games, workshops… there will be something for everyone! It’s going to be a blast !

Affiche An Taol Lañs
“An Taol-Lañs” is the only springboard for contemporary music in the Breton language. Created in 2007 by the association “Dazont ar yezh” (Future of language), it has been passed to Mignoned ar Brezhoneg in 2017. Now the springboard open each 2 years the GBB festival.

In 2019, Mignoned ar Brezhoneg had released a 14 songs album for the springboard’s 10 years. Listenn to this album for free on souncloud
Scène tremplin musical An Taol-Lañs langue bretonne 2021

The artists on stage at “An Taol-Lañs” 2021. 

Since 2015, GBB is organized with “Mignoned ar Brezhoneg” team. The association aim is to develop the breton speaking habits in public background.

sonerion skritell GBB 2023 etre an 30 a viz Even hag an 2 a viz Gouere e Langoned

N'eo ket digoret c'hoazh ar bilhederezh evit 2023. Deuit en-dro a-benn ur sizhun.

sonerion skritell GBB 2023 etre an 30 a viz Even hag an 2 a viz Gouere e Langoned